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We want Swasthalaya to become India’s ‘Trusted Platform’ for Booking Diagnostic Tests and consuming Authentic Health Content.

Problem we are solving

An estimated 70% of all decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and treatment, hospital admission and discharge are based on laboratory test results. Errors in laboratory testing have a disastrous impact on patient treatment and outcomes. These errors occur at much higher than desirable rates in each of the pre-analytical (57%), analytical (10%), and post-analytical (33%) phases of testing, and such errors occur mostly due to labs non-adherence to quality control and quality assurance procedures.

At Swasthalaya, we are addressing the factors causing these errors and hence delivering desired reliability of lab test results to our customers

A diagnostic service that ensures the most accurate test results by ensuring transparency at each step & strict adherence to NABL guidelines for quality control. This transparency & adherence is ensured by following ways:

  • Temperature monitoring and tracking
  • Partner Reputed NABL accredited labs
  • Provide Diploma/Degree Holder Experienced Technicians For Sample Collections
  • Samples travel time less than 4 hours
  • Digital (machine) reports of customers
  • Customer E-health records
  • Qualified Doctor and nutritionist consultation

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